10 of the healthiest foods in Indian cuisine

 These foods are already present in Indian cuisine, and focusing oa diet that includes these ingredients, is low in fat, free of dairy, and free of animal products .

Lentils: Yellow, Green, Red, Black, and White 

. Lentils are low on the glycemic index, high in fiber (one cup of lentils provides 15 grams of fiber), and low in fat, all of which help improve blood sugar control


Millet is a whole grain that boosts heart health and helps improve glycemic control. 


Tomatoes are high in phytonutrients, compounds produced by plants that benefit human health and help prevent various diseases 


Ginger is best known for relieving nausea, motion sickness, and gastrointestinal distress.  


Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory compound found in turmeric. 


Cinnamon may improve glycemic control and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, according to several studies. 

.Sweet Potato 

weet potatoes have a lower glycemic index than white potatoes, meaning they break down to glucose much more slowly.  


Spinach contains high amounts of dietary iron and magnesium, with one cup of cooked spinach delivering 6.5 grams of iron. A


Researchers analyzed the results of nine different trials, which included 768 people with diabetes, and found that supplementing with garlic helped lower blood sugar .


recent meta-analysis found that fenugreek lowered fasting blood sugar by an average of 12.9 mg/dL, while lowering “bad” (low-density.